Exchange Migration Instructions

In October, Virginia Tech is retiring our current VT email servers and moving to the new Google Apps for Education suite (note that this does not affect VT Exchange servers). If you're an Exchange user, you have a VT Mail account and will need to create a VT Google Apps account. Again, the Exchange servers will not be affected. For the majority of users, the VT Mail account is only used for forwarding to Exchange, and the reason you have to move is to retain this forward since VT Mail servers will be retiring. The primary change you will notice after switching to VT Google Apps Mail is that you will no longer get Junk Mail Manager summaries: you will have to check spam using one of three different methods.

Exchange Users

If you have an Exchange account, complete the following steps:
  1. Since all Exchange users have a VT Mail account, you will need to create your VT Google Apps account. To create a VT Google Apps account, please see Transitioning Your VT Mail Email Account to a Virginia Tech Google Apps Mail Account. Your email will continue to forward to Exchange as it does now.
  2. Check to make sure that your new Google account is still forwarding to your Exchange address:
    1. Go to the VT Google Apps Web site.
    2. In the Username text box, type your Virginia Tech PID.
    3. In the Password text box, type your Google password.
    4. Click the Sign in button.
    5. In the top-right corner, click the Gear button.
    6. From the drop-down list, select Settings.
    7. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
    8. To the right of Forwarding, you should see the radio button for Forward a copy of incoming mail to [Your Exchange email Address] is selected. If it is not selected (or there is no radio button at all), then enable forwarding to your Exchange account (the email address will be [Your PID] by following the directions for Enabling or Disabling Forwarding from Your VT Google Apps Mail Account.
    9.                     Note: Replace [Your Exchange email address] with your Exchange email address.

  3. With the switch to VT Google Apps Mail, Junk Mail Manager will be completely removed. This applies whether you forward email or not. For information on how to handle spam, see the Methods for Managing Spam page.

You are finished and do not need to take further action. There are more directions below if you decide that you want to exclusively use VT Google Apps Mail, but those are entirely optional.

    Optional Instructions: Exchange Users Who Want to Exclusively Use VT Google Apps Mail

The following information is optional and only for users that want to use VT Google Apps Mail exclusively or not have email on Exchange. Again, these steps are not necessary if you've already transitioned to VT Google Apps Mail.

Note that you must first transition to VT Google Apps Mail by following the directions for Transitioning Your VT Mail Email Account to a Virginia Tech Google Apps Mail Account. Afterwards, if you wish to switch from Exchange to use VT Google Apps, you can switch to a Calendar-Only Exchange account, or you can have your Exchange account deleted.   

After you have migrated your information to VT Google Apps, complete our webform at to request to switch to a Calendar-Only Exchange account or have your Exchange account deleted.