Virginia Tech Information Technology is pleased to be able to provide expanded features for your email account using Google Apps for Education. The following is a description of what information can be found at each link:
  • Accessibility
  • Information about how to use VT Google Apps Mail, Calendar, and Docs accessibly. There are also external links to assessments of VT Google Apps Docs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to questions regarding what will change as a result of the migration, problems you might encounter, security and privacy concerns, handling conflicting accounts, accessibility problems, and where to find additional help.
  • Training
  • Resources for learning how to use the VT Google Apps suite.
  • Terms of Service
    The VT Google Apps contract between Virginia Tech and Google and how it applies to you.
  • Contact Us
    A way to get further help if you have problems migrating from VT Mail to VT Google Apps Mail and were unable to find an answer to your question in the FAQs.