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VT Google Apps Mail Labs Functions

VT Mail Labs is a feature of VT Google Apps Mail that allows users to add functions to their browser-based mail setup. Some of these functions may be used to make VT Google Apps Mail more accessible or easier to use. For instructions on how to enable VT Mail Labs features, see Enabling VT Mail Labs Functions for VT Google Apps Mail.

The following are suggested utilities:
  • "Canned Responses" lets you quickly retrieve and resend pre-written messages (such as a thank-you letter)
  • "Create a Document" makes it easy to turn the text of an email into a Google Document.
  • "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" lets you change the keys used for existing shortcuts. Particularly helpful if a standard shortcut conflicts with your assistive technology.
  • "Default Text Styling" adds a new feature within the "General" Settings tab that lets you customize the font size, color, and typeface used to display your messages.
  • "Google Calendar Gadget" displays your current Calendar listings on the left side of the screen (similar to Outlook).
  • "Mark as Read Button" makes it easier to dismiss emails without reading them.
  • "Pictures in chat" shows pictures of the people you are chatting with.
  • "SMS (text messaging) in Chat" allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS) in Chat.