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Accessibility in VT Google Apps Calendar

There are no accessibility problems if you are simply scheduling a meeting with another user via Google Calendar.

Google Calendar can be accessed through either a Web browser or through a third-party calendar client. That said, the most promising strategies for accessible use of Calendar involve free synchronization tools: CalDAV with iCal (Macintosh) and Google Apps Sync with Outlook (Windows).

Web Browser

In a Web browser, Google Calendar has multiple views: Day, Month, 4 Days, and Agenda. The Agenda view is the only view that supports any accessibility features, such as keyboard and screen reader support. Even in the Agenda view there are still some functions that cannot be performed by all users, such as managing who is attending the meeting and also finding available meeting times between two or more people.

Third-Party Calendar Client

Google Calendar can be synchronized with a number of different local applications, from programs like Outlook to the iOS Calendar app. If you have a local calendar application that is more accessible to you, this option will provide the most accessible experience. Google provides instructions for how to synchronize your Google Calendar with different devices and applications. Not all functions available in the Web Browser version of Google Calendar, like browsing other people's schedules and finding common meeting times, will be available in third-party clients. If you need to set up a client to access VT Google Apps Calendar, see Configuring a Client to Access VT Google Apps Mail.