The Google Application suite offers a lot of potential to our users because of its ability to facilitate collaboration. However, Google has not built in the necessary accessibility features to allow all users, especially people with certain functional impairments, to easily collaborate in this environment. While we are excited about, and want to promote the collaborative nature of the Google Apps suite on campus, caution must be used in planning how to use it. These guidelines delineate the ways in which VT Google Apps may be used accessibly.

If you need assistance using VT Google Apps accessibly, please contact VT Assistive Technologies.

For some users, the Apps Mail Labs functions within the browser-based version of VT Google Apps Mail include several options which may enhance accessibility or usability for some people with physical or cognitive disabilities.

What follows are pages that offer best practices for using VT Google Apps:

For more information on the accessibility of Google Apps, please refer to the following information:
Content reused and modified from Google Apps @ NC State.